Getting enough sleep

You’ve traded snickerdoodles for spinach and you know your way around the gym, but the number on the scale isn’t dropping as quickly as you hoped. The secret to more weight loss could just lie in your sleep. Are you getting enough?

Sleep deprivation can do a number on your body. It raises your blood pressure, slows your reaction time, increases your appetite, and causes your body to hold on to weight.

We all know that our bodies need a good night’s rest. It helps us recover from the day and can improve our well being. In this video learn some new things to help you get better sleep.

Deep uninterrupted hours of sleep are pertinent to your health — they give your body a chance to ramp up your metabolism, repair itself, and refresh your immune system. Proper rest can help whittle your middle by decreasing your appetite, as well as reducing the likelihood of late-night, mindless eating.

Here are a few tips to help you get some more shut-eye:

◾Develop a pre-bedtime routine to wind down and get your body on a regular schedule.
◾Make your room as dark as possible: it will optimize your body’s melatonin production and help regulate your sleep patterns.
◾Distance yourself from electronics and other devices that could emit light and disrupt your sleep.
◾Make your room relaxing — adjust the temperature, use a sleeping mask, or put in earplugs and make sure your pillow and mattress are as comfortable as possible to fit your needs.
◾If you travel or have other conflicts that disrupt your sleep, try Pure Rest™ to get you back on schedule.

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For more tips on maximizing your rest, check out this video with USANA’s Senior Scientist of Product Innovation, as well as a registered dietician and certified personal trainer, John Bosse:


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