Vancouver Windstorm

On December 15, 2006 a once in a lifetime windstorm rolled through Vancouver and Victoria. This was the 3rd storm to hit our region in the last month. All through the night the wind howled across the city. In Vancouver the winds reached 110+ kph and around Victoria it reached 150 kph.

There’s been major damage on all across our region. Stanley Park has been devastated, with hundreds of centuries old trees uprooted. Old trees along the waterfront, in parks and on city streets are no more.

I’ve included some pictures taken in the following days.


beat up tempo, originally uploaded by punkasz.
2006_12_15__15_10_55, originally uploaded by freedryk.

double trouble, originally uploaded by SqueakyMarmot.

Callister Park, originally uploaded by SqueakyMarmot.

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