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Vancouver’s BC Place Collapses

News from laid back Vancouver – the inflated, domed roof of BC Place Stadium has collapsed. What a shock! They say that a piece of the fabric came loose from the concrete or there was a tear that quickly grew and it deflated in 60 seconds. A new meaning of “gone in 60 seconds”!

 bcplace_flap.jpg   bcplace_down.jpg

The stadium is the largest, air-supported, doomed stadium in the world. Not sure yet the reason for the failure in the roof fabric. Here is some raw footage from CTV.CA.

deflated, originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

This is what it looked like in the past. The steel cords hold the roof fabric in place and the inside of the stadium is under pressure lifting it up. I remember back in 1985 when the “raising of the roof” happened. The roof was installed hanging down into the stadium. Then the fans were started and it slowly inflated lifting the roof up. Finally with a “pop” the roof lifted above the rim and then fully inflated. It is going to be while to fix this and get it inflated again.


Vancouver Windstorm

On December 15, 2006 a once in a lifetime windstorm rolled through Vancouver and Victoria. This was the 3rd storm to hit our region in the last month. All through the night the wind howled across the city. In Vancouver the winds reached 110+ kph and around Victoria it reached 150 kph.

There’s been major damage on all across our region. Stanley Park has been devastated, with hundreds of centuries old trees uprooted. Old trees along the waterfront, in parks and on city streets are no more.

I’ve included some pictures taken in the following days.


beat up tempo, originally uploaded by punkasz.
2006_12_15__15_10_55, originally uploaded by freedryk.

double trouble, originally uploaded by SqueakyMarmot.

Callister Park, originally uploaded by SqueakyMarmot.