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Operation Christmas Child

A sign that Christmas is close at hand, is the discussion about getting ready to fill a shoebox with gifts for a needy child. Everyone can help make a child’s day brighter through Operation Christmas Child.

Our family has participated for many years as our children grew up, both through our church and christian school. It is easy to anyone to fill a shoebox and deliver it to one of the thousands of groups assembling shipments of shoeboxes. If you don’t know about this program, check out this short video.

Distribution of Income

We have all heard it before – North American’s and European’s are the wealthiest in the world. Just how wealthy are you in comparison to 6+ billion people on this earth? The Global Rich List shows you just how skewed the distribution of income has become. Enter your income and you’ll see how you rate. Try $50,000, $20,000, $8,000. This is a real eye opener. It should make us realize that we in North America live in untold abundance.