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Work is an event, not a place

Our world is changing. Cost pressures, low employee engagement scores and green initiatives are on the radar of most organizations. It’s time for enterprises to take a serious look at teleworking.

This podcast from Podtech.net and sponsored by Verizon Business provides a strong case to include a teleworking intiative in your 2009 planning. Some key points:

  • to be effective, teleworking needs to be supported right from the top of the organization
  • productivity and engagement scores can go up when employees are given the option to telework
  • IT needs to step up and deliver reliable, secure and cost effective solutions during 2009
  • technologies such as collaboration, unified communications and mobile access need to be part of the mix
  • cost savings are available from implementing a hoteling workstation environment
  • reduction in carbon footprint and congestion show corporate responsibility to staff and customers
  • HR needs to provide training to managers who will have staff working from remote locations

Source: Podtech.net

Sponsored by Verizon