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Information Overload Syndrome

Some depressing facts (IDC survey):

  • Each year the amount of information created in the enterprise, paper and digital combined, grows faster than 65%.
  • Non-productive information work, such as reformatting documents or reentering documents into computers, consumed more than $1.5 trillion in U.S. salaries last year.
  • Survey respondents spend as much as 26% of their time trying to manage information overload.
  • Respondents split their time evenly between dealing with paper and digital information, but 71% prefer to deal with digital information.
  • The amount of time U.S. information workers spent last year managing paper-driven information overload cost $460 billion in salaries.
  • Reducing the time wasted dealing with information overload by 15% could save a company with 500 employees more than $2 million a year.

Source: IDC survey, Information Overload Site

And more serious:

  • 28% – The percentage of the typical workday wasted by interruptions caused by unnecessary information
  • 53% – The percentage of people who believe that less than half of the information they receive is valuable
  • 42% – The percentage of people who accidentally use the wrong information at least once per week

So what is IOS? Watch this video!