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Finally I get to try out an iPad

Although I love using new technologies I usually don’t get a chance for much hands on. Since I need to watch where the money goes (just like everyone else), by the time I get a chance to buy something others have already been using them for some time.

Since Christmas I’ve been evaluating an iPad 3G for use at my work. Right now it is running wild and is not connected to our internal or guest wireless network. It doesn’t have access to my work email, so my first impressions are not as an enterprise user but as a regular Joe. Once I get access to our work environment there will be a new set of evaluation criteria.


I have to agree with just about everyone’s thoughts, the iPad is pure joy and a game changer in almost all areas. Let’s leave it at that!


  • good size and weight for daily use
  • excellent battery life after living through 20 years of laptop life
  • great screen
  • easy access to applications

So So

  • 3G wireless performance
  • internal microphone


  • no Flash support (and websites aren’t providing an alternative)
  • slow charging when not in sleep mode
  • typing anything longer than a quick email using the virtual keyboard is gruelling

Later this month I should be getting the iPad connected up to our enterprise email and intranet. That will provide whole lot of new experiences to share.