Save our email systems! – Delete the Reply-to-All Button

One of the frustrating problems most organizations have is full, cluttered email inboxes. It’s not just email from dubious sources, but email(s) from your co-workers and subordinates. These full inboxes lead to many problems:

  • constantly expanding email servers
  • wasted time navigating through email topics that you are not really that interested in anymore
  • missing the emails that are really important
  • way to much material left around when you really wished it had been deleted

Folio reports via Techcrunch that Neilsen company has deleted the Reply-to-All Button from Outlook. Check out the article for a copy of their corporate email announcing the change.

reply-to-all not available

reply-to-all not available

I think this is a great idea. Way to often staff just keep on hitting Reply-to-All when it is not necessary. If you need to inform, discuss or include many people, they should use one of many collaborative tools available for that purpose.

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